Probate Litigation

Managing Assets And Estates

The feelings of uncertainty after the death of a loved one can cause instability within your family. Even though a loved one leaves physically, he or she may leave a lot behind. Figuring out the proper way to manage the estate and distribute any remaining assets is a cause of conflict for many families.

There’s no question that the death of a loved one will bring out deep-seated emotions within your family and these feelings could be the catalyst for probate litigation. Even if your deceased loved one went through the process of estate planning, your family members may still wish to make new claims or contest the distribution of certain assets.


Put The Experience Of David Mann & Associates On Your Side

Who you choose as a lawyer to represent you in probate litigation is critical to defending the best interests of you and your family. I want to be that legal resource for you through the ups and downs of probate litigation.

I take on all disputes involving:

  • Beneficiary rights
  • Inheritance disputes
  • Will contests

With 40 years of experience practicing law in Pensacola, I understand the tactics the opposing party and attorney will try to use to unfairly tilt the process in their favor. My ability to recognize and defend against this allows you to see a clearer picture of the potential outcome.

With your questions answered, expectations managed and a path toward resolution outlined, you can focus on grieving and healing for your family while I fight the legal battles on your behalf. This process is about your family’s needs, and the burdens of probate litigation shouldn’t have to present an unnecessary burden.

Tell Me Your Concerns With A Free Initial Consultation

I offer a free initial consultation to all families in the Florida Panhandle. In this meeting, you can tell me your family’s concerns for the future and your loved one’s estate. Appointment times are available now by calling 850-435-7700 or send me an email.