Insurance Claims

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When you have insurance to protect your assets, you expect the insuring company to honor the contract by paying promptly. Unfortunately, the reality is that the company may try to withhold payment, deny your insurance claim or refuse to completely cover your loss. When that happens, an insurance dispute attorney can help you sort through the legal aspects of the case. Your lawyer will look at the language of the policy and help you get the full benefit of your coverage. At David Mann & Associates in Pensacola, we have the experience and knowledge to cut through the red tape. Some companies routinely deny claims or withhold payments unless the policyholder takes legal action, because by not paying the claim, the company makes more profits.

Insurance Claims

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To prove bad faith, the lawyer must demonstrate the insurance company did not honor the contract of the policyholder. There are many reasons the company might commit bad faith by denying a claim:

  • Failure to investigate quickly and promptly
  • Delaying payment deliberately
  • Refusal to settle a case
  • A failure to completely reimburse you for your loss
  • Unreasonably interpreting the language of the policy

If you believe your insurance company is not honoring your insurance policy, you need to talk to an insurance claim dispute lawyer to learn your options. The company may even be responsible for your legal expenses, depending on the wording of the policy.

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