What Is a Product Liability Case

What Is a Product Liability Case

| Feb 13, 2020 | Firm News |

A product liability case refers to a lawsuit where a party is suing a manufacturer or seller of a product because it posed a significant threat to one’s health or did not perform its desired function. A lot of different types of instances qualify as a product liability lawsuit, so be aware of your rights when you buy something that does not perform as advertised.

Who Is the Lawsuit Brought Against?

The lawsuit can be filed against various parties. For example, if it is discovered that there was a defect in all of the items a company sold, then a lawsuit can be brought against the manufacturer because there was negligence in its manufacturing process. Other people that could be brought into the case include:

•    The retail store where the item was bought

•    The wholesaler

•    The manufacturer of one of the item’s singular components

•    The party that assembled the item

What Counts as a Defect?

Most of the time a defect refers to a product that did not work as soon as it was taken out of the package. However, defects can also refer to an inherent design flaw. This means there was absolutely no chance of the item working properly. Additionally, there can be advertising defects.

If you are unsure if you have a product liability case on your hands, speak with an attorney. You should also call T. David Mann & Associates for more information.