Why Pensacola Bridge Bay Accidents Are Increasing

If you've noticed frequent traffic jams while crossing the Pensacola Bay Bridge, you probably aren't alone. According to the Florida Department of Transportation, accidents have increased on the three-mile-long bridge by 20 percent every year since 2014.

Authorities blame three intertwining factors for the increase in wrecks.

  1. Distracted driving. Drivers using cellphones behind the wheel cause crashes, resulting in lengthy delays and backups.
  2. Aggressive driving. Delays cause drivers to become upset and impatient behind the wheel and drive in a reckless manner, leading to more accidents.
  3. Failing to follow directions. When accidents do occur, police arrive at the scene and begin directing traffic. However, drivers often fail to follow the instructions of police and overreact to accidents by merging too soon or driving aggressively.

Although bridge accidents are on the rise, you aren't without options in preventing crashes and seeking compensation for injuries.


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At David Mann & Associates, I make it my goal as your lawyer to identify ways in which I can help you stay safe on the road. By tuning into trends in the Pensacola area, I am better prepared to represent you after an accident.

My experience and commitment to your needs after an auto accident are what set my firm apart from others in the Florida Panhandle. I add knowledge of emerging trends to my 40 years of experience practicing personal injury law to provide you with the opportunity for maximum compensation after an accident.

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